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What Should I Expect from My First Meeting with a DUI Defense Lawyer?

December 23, 2016

How to handle the initial DUI defense lawyer conversation.

How to handle the initial DUI defense lawyer conversation.

Anticipating your initial meeting with your DUI defense lawyer can cause tremendous anxiety. Facing criminal charges creates a stressful period in your life. There's no doubt that getting involved in our legal system is scary. What will your lawyer say? Can they help you avoid a conviction? Is there any way to make the nightmare end quickly and quietly?

Every case, attorney and judge is different, so no two cases are the same. Predicting outcomes is virtually impossible for even the most experienced lawyer. However, hiring a reputable defense attorney is your best option if you want to prove your innocence. Here are a few things you can expect during your first meeting with a DUI lawyer:

Tons of Questions

A good attorney will try to get to the core of your case by asking a ton of questions. They will probably ask you questions that don't seem connected to your case in any way. Rest assured there's a purpose for each question. A top-notch attorney will use questioning to explore every possible defense strategy.

Bring All Documentation to the Meeting

Your attorney will want to make copies of all documentation about your DUI charges. Legal papers, medical documents and photographs of any property damage or injuries are a good start. Be sure to gather all these materials and bring them to the meeting with you.

Expect Peace of Mind

A reputable lawyer will put your mind at ease by taking control of your legal proceedings. You don't have to fight this battle alone. Having a qualified lawyer fighting for you should relieve some of your stress. Your employer and your family need you, so trust your attorney to act in your best interest while you continue to fulfill your commitments.

A Voice of Experience

Remember that trained, experienced attorneys know the legal system far better than the average citizen. David LaMalva will work your case from every possible angle and advise you on your best course of action. If there's a way to get your case thrown out before a trial even begins, an experienced attorney knows how to make it happen.

Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Georgia

David LaMalva has handled scores of DUI cases all over the state. If you are facing DUI charges in the State of Georgia, David can help. We believe that everyone deserves to tell their side of a story, and everyone needs a second chance.

Still have questions about Georgia DUI attorneys? We want to help you find the right lawyer for your case. Find out what you need to know about hiring a DUI defense lawyer by contacting David LaMalva.