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If you've been charged with violating the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, you need a criminal lawyer by your side ASAP. A drug violation can cost you two to 15 years in prison for a first offense, and five to 30 years for a second or subsequent offense.

Hire a criminal lawyer to help you stay out of jail and get your life back on track. David LaMalva Attorney, PC offers aggressive representation for clients charged with drug possession in Conyers, Georgia.

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Trust an experienced marijuana possession lawyer with your case

Trust an experienced marijuana possession lawyer with your case

David represents clients charged with all types of drug crimes. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you when you're charged with:

  • Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Trafficking drugs
  • Manufacturing drugs
  • Selling or distributing drugs

David will explore all your legal defense options and work toward the best possible outcome. Schedule an in-person consultation today at the law office of David LaMalva Attorney, PC in Conyers, GA.